Homeopathy and Vedic Astrology


The following is an interview of Willa Keizer conducted by Marcie Hughes. It explains a bit about homeopathy and Vedic astrology, and explains why she became homeopath and Vedic astrologer.


Willa- I lived in Indonesia for 8 years starting at the age of 18 to study and practice martial arts with a meditative and healing focus with a Buddhist master. Here is a picture of me in Indonesia.

My motivation for going to Indonesia was to become a healer. While I was there, I became the inheritor of a set of movements  specifically for  healing and spiritual growth. When my teacher died very suddenly, I came back to the United States. Basically I was a martial artist, and a single mom with two small children returning to a culture that felt quite foreign to me by then.

That's when I discovered homeopathy. I really found it to be an amazing and elegant system of energetic healing. You can help others in a very direct way with homeopathy.

I fell in love with homeopathy, went to through a program of advanced studies, and became a homeopath, and that has been my main professional identity for the past 20 years.

I have seen remarkable results with people's vital forces being activated for their own healing, which is what homeopathy does. It's not about me, it is about how a person's vital force can create a healing response, and how people can get unstuck inside, whether it is emotional stuck-ness like anxiety or depression, or physical stuck-ness, like allergies or asthma,  or chronic infections.

From a homeopathic viewpoint, we see any kind of illness as an expression of the vital force that is restricted, unable to move properly. The homeopathic remedy resonates directly with the vital force, so that healing can unfold and you are freed to pursue the higher purposes of human life, instead of being limited by bothersome physical or emotional symptoms.

When that happens, symptoms improve on every level. For example, someone may come to see me who has allergies and depression. Maybe they are mostly coming for allergies because they see the allergies and depression as separate things rather than co-expressions of their one vital force. People in our society are kind of fragmented in their thinking.

But when your vital force is free, everything gets better. There is an increased sense of well being, on the psycho-emotional plane, and on the physical plane. Sometimes the physical plane can get a little worse temporarily as the psycho-emotional plane gets better due to the symptoms moving from the inside out. This is all little bits and pieces of homeopathic philosophy!


Q: That's beautiful. Have you worked with people with chronic conditions like arthritis, cancer, asthma, and have you seen any dramatic cures of illness?

Willa: I have seen dramatic cures of illnesses, such as severe autoimmune diseases like lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis, along with anxiety, and depression, and many other conditions.

I have seen beautiful cures where people have been able to liberate their vital force with homeopathic care,  get off their medications, be free of symptoms, and be  free to live a meaningful life.

Sometimes you get really dramatic and beautiful healings, AND sometimes it takes more time. It can be a  gradual process in some cases and can require some patience, but homeopathic care does support a healing path -- in contrast to mainstream  medicine's suppression of symptoms. Drugstore medications may temporarily relieve symptoms but they don’t change the inside stuck-ness of the vital force.  


Q: Of course we are all going to die from something. What I hear you saying is  that homeopathy creates wellness within the cycle of birth, sickness, old age and death.

Willa: Yes.  A goal of homeopathy is to die in a   “healthier state than when you were born.” From the homeopathic viewpoint we are born with miasmatic  influences of our inheritance, so, we are born with predispositions, like a  genetic inheritance.

I look at it from the karmic viewpoint these days. About nine years ago, I got into Vedic astrology and have spent have spent some time in India studying an esoteric form of Vedic astrology.

Vedic astrology is a map of a person's karma. I became interested in astrology as I watched my clients, over a 12 year period, get sick and get well in unpredictable ways. I wondered, what is this cosmic factor that a homeopath doesn't understand from a homeopathic perspective? Why do some people respond to a remedy, get better right away, and for others it takes a long time?

I found the answer in Vedic astrology, and it was one of the most mind blowing experiences of my life. I started being able to see my homeopathic cases from a broader perspective. It gives me a karmic perspective on what is going on with my clients. Sometimes it gives me information that I didn't get out of the interview. Studying the Vedic chart gives me remarkable insight.


Q: Amazing. What I am hearing you say, is that between the Vedic Chart and the Homeopathy you are able to help a person have awareness of their karmic patterns, and that that awareness can help a person to shift. 

Willa: Yes. That's the beauty of having a Vedic reading, to gain an awareness of our karmic patterns, and to learn how to prepare for what is coming up. I find it to be an amazing way to have a view of your life story from a bigger perspective.

The Vedic astrology chart is a map of the karmas that you are navigating in this life, based on the influence of the planets and stars at the moment of your birth. The ancient science of Vedic astrology has been used for thousands of years to identify and alleviate obstacles to health, well being, and success in all areas of life, including spirituality, career, health, and relationships.

Saturn is the planet that brings sorrow, disease, suffering, illness. Everyone has Saturn in their chart and are all going to experience these things. But Vedic astrology shows how to finesse it, so that when lemons show up you can make a lemon meringue pie, instead of squirting it in your eye and causing more pain!

Some Vedic remedies have to do with serving a teacher, taking care of animals, or supporting women or children. These are actual activities you can perform that help to purify your karmas. Other remedies include reciting mantra, wearing specific gemstones, or taking herbal elixirs based on elemental imbalances identified in the chart.. These profound remedies are a form of self help -- requiring only your wish to make a change and your commitment to follow through with the remedies.

Q: Thank you Willa for your inspiration. 


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