The Light and Hope of Vitalistic Healing

Willa Keizer




YouTube video of WebEx introductory conference on the Vitalistic Healing course given October 10, 2013--one hour. Click on the image below:

Cosmic Sphere



There is a stream of Healers, East and West, who have attuned themselves with the stars and cosmos and used divinatory techniques, sacred toning, and alchemically potentised plant allies to promote healing and self- realization.


In ancient Egypt, the royal priests studied the operative forces of the universe and, through these studies, developed special skills in many areas, including medicine making.  These remedies were prepared with accompanying words, spells, and rituals.  Those consuming the medicines were instructed to take them in a sacred way which included healing tones and rituals. The deity associated with the priestly art of healing was Thoth, who was known to the Greeks as Hermes.  


The Hermetic Arts developed according to the dictum of Hermes as stated in the Emerald Tablet, “That which is above is as that which is below, and that which is below is as that which is above, to perform the miracles of the One.”


Much later, the Roman world became Christian, and many practitioners of the Hermetic arts fled to the Arab lands so that they could practice their Art freely, without persecution. It was there Arabic prefix “Al” was added to the Greek word “khem” (Black earth, referring to Egypt) to form what we now know as Al – khemi or Alchemy. This is one way that the stream of Vitalistic Healing has come to us.


There are many branches of this stream to be found in both the Eastern and Western world. The Greek philosopher Empedocles was a follower of Pythagoras. Born in 492 BC, Empedocles was a shaman and mystic helped people to “incubate” while “lying in a lair” to so that they would access higher states of consciousness and have transformative and healing experiences. He offered the sick “prophesies” and “words of healing” He is also known for being the originator of the four element theory: air, water, fire, earth.


These streams of Vitalistic Healing are found all over the Eastern world as well, with highly developed traditions in both China and India. In India, the ancient wisdom tradition known as the Vedas is an important source of sacred sounds (mantra) as well as knowledge of the celestial influence (Vedic Astrology).


I have been involved in a branch of this ancient stream in my work as a homeopath. Homeopathy has been described as the only branch of Hermetic Science that has attained some level of success in any mainstream society, probably because it is cloaked in normalities such as a medical type interview and small white pills as medicines.


Now at this critical moment in human evolution, we are seeing a new impulse and revival of Vitalistic Healing practices. These traditions are like a buried treasure, which is now resurfacing.


In astrology, healing is associated with the Moon, who is the Mother and the Divine Feminine in all Her forms, both beautiful and terrifying. This ancient tradition offers a path to develop our own natural, innate abilities to heal ourselves and others. It offers us a connection with the Divine Feminine who would like to return to our societies and our hearts. And most of all, it offer us Hope and Light which our times so desperately call for.