Here is what some of our 2014 students say about their experience:

"This past year I have been so privileged to be able to attend Willa's Vitalistic Program.
Her program is a three part symphony of vedic astrology, plant alchemy and spiritual practices.
"She makes Vedic Astrology easily accessible by sticking to the basics and then expanding so that one can always refer back to the basics and not get lost in the arcane intricacies of vedic astrology, a vast and meandering field of studies yet so fascinating.

"To this already rich subject, she added plant alchemy in the tradition of Paracelsus, here I connected deeply with my ancestral healer lineage and to the plant surrounding me. It rekindled a deep yearning for connection with our planet and the medicine she bears so abundantly if only we take the time to look around.
"Finally to keep us all grounded with our feet firmly in the ground and our head in the heavens, she invited a Tibetan Lama to offer us a series of lectures on compassion, Medicine Buddha and the Bardo states (i.e. the different state every human being goes through in the endless circular journey of death and rebirth). I had no idea this was missing in my life!!!!!! and now it is part of it, what a year this has been......and will continue to be.
"Both on a personal and professional level, I feel more grounded and I have more compassion. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in any three of the components because the synergy is just amazing. It is a one of a kind weaving of Tibetan Buddhism, Vedic astrology and Paracelsian Alchemy, only Willa can pull this together and make it stand."
Isabelle Herbert

"The value of this certificate course is inestimable. 

"Willa has adroitly taken several ancient bodies of profound knowledge and distilled them into a holistic path of study that is coherent, clear and accessible. Through her experience, she has alchemically produced an elixir of wisdom that in practical application will both nourish and challenge me for many years to come.

"As a practitioner of several traditional healing methods, studying with Willa has afforded me the opportunity to widen my perception, expand my knowledge and gain vital new skills." 
Ericson AF Proper (Ngakpa Pema Tenzin)

"I am extremely grateful to have been a student in the Vitalism course.  
"The in-depth teachings of all the areas-- astrology, plant alchemy and Buddhist teachings --  had been carefully selected for their relevance to help the spiritual growth of the student, and therefore helping her/him to become a better healer and use them as tools to help others on their healing journey. 
"Looking back I am amazed how much useful and practical information we learned from the vast fields of these three disciplines within a short amount of time. Most of the teachings were new to me and they all have been truly life changing due to the quality and depth of the course, which I doubt will be found easily anywhere else. I highly recommend this course for anyone, who would like to give their journey as a healer and spiritual seeker a profoundness, that is rare in a world of spiritual materialism.
"Thank you, Willa for sharing so generously your deep knowledge and warmth with all of us."
Katja Preiss

"The Vitalism program was exactly what I was looking for- a complete course in astrology for  healing, and creating your own spagyrics (alchemical elixirs). You also learn the real meaning of healing and compassion through spiritual practice.
"I especially liked the variety of guest lectures. Together they take you into the spiritual side of Buddhist study, a formal history of astrology and the cosmos and more! 

"My advice- this program is rich and full of information and the best way to get the most out of the program is to be dedicated to studying, revisiting material and/or practicing weekly, if not daily. Looking forward to learning more!"
Maya Griffin

"I highly recommend the DVH program, as it offers a wealth of information to all who are interested in the topics of Healing, Tibetan Buddhism, Vedic Astrology and Alchemical studies.  I've benefited very much from this course on a personal and practical level, as I've utilized these teachings in my healing practice for some time now.  I'm very grateful to the generosity of Willa, who is a personable and supportive teacher with many years of experience.  She's dedicated to her practice and students, and serves as a wonderful mentor. Thank you, Willa for your dedication to providing me and all of your students with such a valuable course of study.

"With appreciation for your dedication to the DVH program,"

Mina Marmol

"Good communication is the key to gaining greater understanding. Willa's Vitalistic Healing program encourages knowledge and growth in Compassion and Understanding. It is an invaluable tool, enabling the Practitioner to delve ever deeper into understanding the needs of those we are aiming to help.

"I heartily recommend the Program for everyone involved in the Healing Arts!

With Gratitude.

Lynn Saviskas